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In this series of teaching videos, pastor Keith takes us through the entirety of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. The Shorter Catechism is the basic question/answer-format teaching tool of Reformed theology and practice that came out of the 17th century Reformation in the British Isles. Although almost 400 years old, the Catechism remains an incredibly help in learning the basics of Christian faith, devotion, and life. For ease of viewing we have grouped the questions around the topics they cover.

What We are to Believe Concerning God
God and His works (Questions 1-11)
Mankind and the Fall (Questions 12-19)
Christ the Redeemer (Questions 20-28)
The Holy Spirit and His saving work (Questions 29-38)

The Response God Requires of Us
Love the Lord your God: The 1st Table of the Law (Questions 39-62)
Love your neighbor as yourself: The 2nd Table of the Law (Questions 63-81)
Repentance and Faith in Christ (Questions 82-87)
Christ’s ordinary instruments of salvation (Questions 88-98)
The Lord’s Prayer (Questions 99-107)