Serving Christ and spreading His kingdom from Union county to the world.


Trinity Chapel Charlotte is established in response to the command of our resurrected Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to fulfill the Great Commandant—to love one another—and the Great Commission—to make disciples and reach them. Thus, the Church, from the Old Covenant in Abraham to the New Covenant fulfillment in Christ, is about moving outward from the “sacred assembly” of worship to reach others and to be about God’s mission on earth. Yet, the local church, where the means of grace—Word, Sacrament, and Prayer—are given in fellowship becomes the place to which we return.

Every member of our church, and any visitor, for that matter, can learn how to share their faith in everyday ways. We will, also, be hosting the C.S. Lewis Institute for Charlotte and the Carolinas to encourage a deeper discipleship commitment for mature believers.

We want to recognize the Spirit-led opportunities for ministry in your life. We also want to be part of encouraging ministry to the poor, the needy, and all who need Christ.

Music and the arts remains a unique gift of the Church to the world. Benedict XVI called Christ-inspired art an “apologetic” for the Faith. We believe that offering children and adults opportunities to express the image of God inside of their hearts through the creative expressions of music and the arts is an important way for us to reach into other communities with the message of God’s grace.