Trinity Chapel Charlotte (ARP) is a parish church in the Presbyterian tradition gathering and growing strong disciples of Christ through Word, Sacraments, and Prayer. We are a mission of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

New to Our Church?

We know that as you prepare to visit a new church there are often a lot of questions. We hope to answer all of these questions for you so that you will feel comfortable when you visit us this Sunday!

Where do you meet? We meet in the Wesley Chapel UMC building, located at 120 Potter Road, Monroe NC. The church building is just south of Wesley Chapel Elementary school.

How long do the services last?  The morning service goes from 9:15-10:30am.

What do you have for my kids?  While we strongly encourage full-family participation in worship (including our littlest ones!) we understand that sometimes kids just need to get some wiggles out. A nursery is available during services for any kids and moms needing a break.

After morning worship, all children are invited to our Psalm School, where our children’s coordinator will spend a few minutes teaching them how to sing a song from the Bible. For Sunday school, we invite older kids and teenagers to join the adults. Younger children can join the children’s Sunday school class for a short, age-appropriate lesson, followed by time to play together!

What kind of music do you have?  The Bible’s chief emphasis in praise is on the people of God singing together; our music is designed to highlight that emphasis. You will hear a variety of instruments, but our music would mostly be considered “traditional.” We sing from both the Trinity Hymnal and the ARP Psalter (singable translations of all 150 psalms from the Bible). Our aim for our music is to emphasize both God’s holiness in heaven and His closeness to us through His Spirit.

What should I wear?  John the Baptizer wore camel skins. If you’re running low on camel skins, feel free to wear something else! For some folks that means “Sunday best”; for others it means business casual. Some need to come in their jeans and a t-shirt! We are instructed by the Bible to dress modestly, but apart from that, God is far more concerned with your heart and attitude. We want to reflect God’s desires, so more than anything come ready to enter the presence of the King of kings, regardless of the clothing on your back.

We are committed to worship according to the Scriptures. There is a simplicity, reverence, and congregational participation expressed as we re-tell the Gospel story each and every week.

There is one more important thing: we believe that worship brings Gospel healing to the wounded soul. Our prayer is that God will richly bless you through the power and the presence of the resurrected Christ in our midst.