Serving Christ and spreading His kingdom from Union county to the world.

Our Denomination

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC) is a conservative, reformed, and Bible-based denomination that has been proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1782, making it the oldest Presbyterian church in this country. The ARP roots are traced back to the Protestant Reformation with the work of John Calvin and John Knox.

Today, the ARP Church has 300 congregations and an additional 36 mission congregations (New church plants) in North America and Scotland. Our sister ARP denomination, the ARP Church of Mexico has 30,000 members and the ARP Church of Pakistan, has 110,000 members.

​The ARP Church stands firmly on the historic biblical Christianity as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

​Further information on the work of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in foreign missions, North American church planting, Christian education, and other ministries can be found at

Why become a member of an Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church such as Trinity Chapel Charlotte?  Listen to what Jay Adams, author and ARP minister, says:

“During the 17 years that I have been a member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church I have been privileged to watch an old church become a new one. Indeed to me, that’s the genius of the ARP today. This very old church, whose origin dates to the 1700’s, is a very new church as well. How is that? At its inception its goal was to provide a place for true Presbyterians who were unwilling to bow to erroneous teaching about the Gospel, to worship, fellowship, and reach out to the lost. Then, in time, it drifted. Now, in our generation there has been not only a revival of its original mission, but an even greater desire for local and world outreach. Today, many are looking for a Reformed denomination that adheres to the old faith in a loving and contemporary manner. I found this in the ARP, and I believe you will too.”

Trinity Chapel Charlotte is a mission of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC). The pastors are accountable to a Provisional Session (board of elders) appointed by First Presbytery (the local jurisdiction) of the ARPC and to their fellow ministers in First Presbytery of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.