Trinity Chapel Charlotte (ARP) is a parish church in the Presbyterian tradition gathering and growing strong disciples of Christ through Word, Sacraments, and Prayer. We are a mission of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Trinity Chapel Charlotte: Who We Are

Trinity Chapel Charlotte (ARP) is a new Christian community forming in the northern Union County area of South Charlotte (Weddington, Indian Trail, Stallings).  The church is part of the historic, Christian faith in the Presbyterian tradition (the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church), with teaching that is Biblical, worship that is joyfully reverent, and a heart to reach our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We would love to have you and your family join us in worship!

The following statements are intended to assist the inquirer in assessing whether this might be the best Christian community for you and your family. The Lord bless you as you consider the Lord’s call in being a part of Trinity Chapel Charlotte.

“Trinity Chapel Charlotte is a community or “parish” congregation in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition enfolding people of all backgrounds into the life of discipleship in our local church, following Jesus Christ in every area of life, and fulfilling His mission in the world so that when Christ comes again there will be a multitude of souls are safe in the arms of Jesus.”

“Trinity Chapel Charlotte is established to gather, grow, and send forth strong disciples of Jesus Christ to be faithful witnesses to Him in the world today.”

  • Trinity Chapel Charlotte is a traditional Presbyterian parish church in South Charlotte established in prayer to gather, grow, and send forth strong disciples of Jesus Christ through reverent worship, loving fellowship, and compassionate outreach. Our mission is to equip our community to be a “faithful presence” for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, enfolding others into His Kingdom through their own witness to His transforming power in their lives.
  • Trinity Chapel Charlotte is a community or “parish” congregation in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition enfolding people of all backgrounds into the life of discipleship in our local church, following Jesus Christ in every area of life, and fulfilling His mission in the world so that when Christ comes again there will be a multitude of souls are safe in the arms of Jesus.
  • Our vision and mission is about transforming the world through the faithful presence of God’s people in every area of life and enfolding others into the life of Jesus Christ through our God’s transforming power in our lives. That transformation is up to God, not us. We are just His witnesses. Trinity Chapel Charlotte seeks to become a parish center of worship, teaching, discipleship, with Spirit-led networks of prayer, cultural engagement, and Gospel activity that reflects the centrifugal motion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, moving us outward, drawing others inward, and uniting a diversity of backgrounds in the resurrected life of Jesus our Lord.
  • Our worship services are intentionally reverent, but (we certainly trust) not stuffy. And we don’t want to be! Reverence is the natural outflow of love and deep respect for Almighty God. The pastors seek to conduct a service that reflects God’s transcendence—His majesty before us—as well as His imminence—His closeness to us.
  • We believe that singing hymns—sacred poetry arranged for congregational singing, based on or versifying some portion of the Scriptures—remains the most helpful way to sing Biblically faithful, theological rich, and sacred truths by an entire congregation; not just a soloist. But, all hymns are not ancient. Some are. Some are new. Hymnody is the musical genre of another Kingdom.
  • We value natural expressions of voice, instrumentation, and holy space. For instance, Trinity Chapel Charlotte doesn’t ordinarily use overheads to project congregational singing (since we want to place value on word and musical score, as well as seeking some respite, as we can, from the world of electronics). We won’t normally use pre-recorded music. There is nothing wrong with those who do. We are not reacting to what we feel is wrong. We simply choose to offer a different environment for worship. We see this time as an intentional act of pastoral healing. Every moment, every artifact, and every movement is considered by the pastor as a resource for the worship of God and for the healing of the souls of those who come to worship.
  • We aim for excellence in expository preaching, but recognize that time is a sacred gift (good preaching is not necessarily measured by a long sermon).
    We strive for excellence in congregational singing, choral music, and instrumentation.
  • Silent time with God is valued and cherished. We encourage silence at the “Striking of the Hour” to mark the division between what we do Monday through Saturday and what we do when we enter the presence of the Lord in divine worship.
  • The sounds of children in worship are the sounds of life in the family. But we also have childcare! Those decisions are yours and we respect your own wisdom. Should a little one become a bit loud and you think it best to go to the childcare area no one will mind.
  • We follow the Church Year, not because it is meritorious to do, but because our pastor desires to order the life of the Church around the life of Jesus Christ.
  • The ministers wear robes and stoles because of the dignity of the pulpit and reverence for the office of pastor. Again, we do not wear clerical attire to react against those who don’t. We choose to mark the time as sacred, as others do, but seek to identify with the ancient church in doing so, even in our attire. There is no spiritual value in the clothing, of course. Yet, the traditional Presbyterian approach to worship reminds the minister of the high office and “the dignity of the pulpit.”
  • The church colors are rich symbols developed over time in Western Christianity that focus on a unique stage in the life of Jesus or the anointing of the Church by the Holy Spirit.
  • We follow a classical liturgical order, including a processional, because we seek, in our small, faltering way, to imitate heavenly worship. A choral ensemble and, sometimes, children, are part of this to reflect the joyful reality that awaits us in heaven, as we shall gather before the Lord on that Day.
  • The “rule of faith” that allows us to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ includes: weekly worship, time in a small group, family worship, and private prayer. The focus of the week for our church, however, is Sunday morning. We do not compete against the week day suburban life of South Charlotte. We do offer a full Sunday morning day of worship and, then, a day of rest for you and your family. We offer small groups that meet to study everything from faith in the works of Jane Eyre to the Book of James.
  • We witness to others by sharing what great things God has done for us in Jesus Christ. And we invite others into the life of discipleship at our church. We have classes to help you share your faith.
  • Our faith is summarized in the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Westminster Confession of Faith.
    We believe that it is good and right to be connected to a larger fellowship for accountability of our faith and life.
  • We are members of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (the “ARP”), a historic denomination that goes back to the founding of our nation. The ARP, like the PCA, the EPC, ECO, and other evangelical Presbyterian bodies, believes that the Bible is the very Word of God. Thus, our faith and life, including our stance on the major social issues of the day, flow from the Bible.
  • Our services are public worship services and are open to any and all regardless of religion or creed. Our Communion services (the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist, Holy Communion) is open to all baptized believers who are members of a Bible-believing church.
  • We are a new church development, but we are here for our community for the long haul. We plan on building a beautiful sanctuary for our community with architecture that will bring glory to God and reflect our theological convictions about the centrality of the Lord in all areas of life. Stay tuned!
  • We believe that membership in a Christian Community of faith that is connected to the one, true catholic (universal) Church is vital to all believers. Come fellowship with us as a member, with a voice, a vote, and a public affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, or a reaffirmation of faith.
  • We baptize infants because we believe that Jesus welcomed little children, blessed them, and the practice of a sign of entrance extends from the Old Testament to the New Testament for not only believers, but also their children. See a pastor about your own baptism or your child’s baptism. We recognize baptisms from other Trinitarian and historical, orthodox Christian communities.