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A Doctrine that I Whistle in the Day

One of the most precious doctrines to us is “the Perseverance of the Saints.” I wrote about it here (at ByFaithonline, the PCA online magazine). I, also, composed a song and sang about the doctrine in the video below. And there is a line there, “. . . a doctrine that I whistle in the day.” Indeed, it is. For when I first heard the powerful promise of that doctrine I was set free; set free from the pain of the past.

There is no better description of the doctrine—simple, yet poignant—than Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (KJV).

This sublime Scripturally revealed truth teaches us that what God starts, a new life in you, God completes. We pray you will trust Jesus Christ as your Lord. He comes to you, now, by the power of His Holy Spirit. When you respond to the Lord Jesus’ invitation, your life is eternally reframed so that even the things that come against you, to hurt you, are miraculously transformed, by the Lord Himself, into the very things that save you. For to be a Christian is to be “born again” into God’s family. It is to live under a new “ruling motif:” that of the Cross. At the cross of Christ, on Golgatha’s cursed hill, the worst possible event in cosmic history—the crucifiction of Creator by creature, which deicide in its most unimaginable expression—became the greatest event in cosmic history: the Lord God’s inconceivable love poured out in sacrificial blood for you and me.

And this is the “Gospel truth.”